About us

DEVENTit BV was established on 1 January 1998 as a result of a management buyout of the Advisie Automatisering software development department. At that time, the activities mainly focused on developing customised adjustments to the Exact Finance Software. Atlantis, as a successor of ImageFinder, an MS-DOS operated image bank for photographers, was still in its development phase. Atlantis was developed as a Windows environment with a web module after the THA departments of three municipal archives requested a solution for their image collections. Over time, the activities related to Atlantis were increasingly extended while supported by different collections and services. Atlantis became available as a fully web-based solution in 2009.

CIBIS was first introduced in 2000. CIBIS is an automation solution for the administration of cemeteries, crematoriums, and funeral homes. CIBIS is now also available as a fully web-based solution.


  1. Launch of DEVENTit B.V.

    DEVENTit BV is launched and positions itself as a developer and supplier of customised software solutions for governmental and municipal institutions, the police, and industry. These customised solutions are mainly built on Exact. A standard product called Atlantis is developed for the heritage sector, as a successor to the MS-DOS ImageFinder solution.

  2. CIBIS for cemeteries and crematoriums

    CIBIS  is developed after the request from CVN Crematoria Nederland BV. CIBIS stands for Crematie Informatie en Begrafenis Informatie Systeem [Cremation Information and Burial Information System].  It is a software solution that offers automated support for the administration of crematoriums, cemeteries, and funeral homes. DEVENTit also develops and provides a solution for the administration of hours worked with AUV timesheets.

  3. Thematis

    The heritage sector sees a growing need for making heritage sources available in an integrated manner. A response to this demand requires theme-based access to these sources across multiple systems and institutions. For this, DEVENTit developed the Thematis platform. DEVENTit clients could use this platform free of charge so they could open up their collections for federated search.

  1. Product Atlantis grows

    By 2005, Atlantis has grown into one of the most used solutions for the registration and management of heritage collections and making them available to the public. Additionally, and in collaboration with the botanical gardens of Dutch universities, a separate platform was developed for the scientific registration of botanical garden collections.

  2. Move to energieweg in Bunschoten and product range changes

    In 2009, DEVENTit moves for the third time. This time, to a completely new building. Atlantis and CIBIS now take up 80% of DEVENTit’s day-to-day work. The ImageFinder, AUV Timesheet, and customised Exact products are discontinued. Atlantis is now also available as a fully web-based solution.


    The MijnAdres.org platform is created based on Atlantis and is now accessible online. The platform makes the historical construction archives of the municipalities of Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Land van Heusden en Altena, Antwerp, and Mechelen, which are physically many kilometres apart, available to the public.


    Atlantis has been completely renewed. The upgrade is called XL (neXt Level). It offers an entirely new image viewer that no longer requires plugins. XLForms and XLGrids increase input efficiency and a new public environment is launched.

  5. Atlantis Crowdsourcing solution

    Atlantis Crowdsourcing is used for the first time; a solution that allows the public to add descriptions to digitised collections. The Atlantis Crowdsourcing platform can also be used by organisations that don’t use Atlantis for their collection management activities.

  6. Configuration Cockpit voor application managers

    This completely new environment for the application manager makes it possible to easily configure the Atlantis environment yourself. The user interface has been designed with clarity and user-friendliness as the main principles.

  7. CIBIS Web-based production ready

    After several years of development, CIBIS Funeral Software has been upgraded to a completely new version. The package is offered web-based for the first time. The package is fully configurable and thus meets the needs of small to large crematoria, cemeteries and funeral homes.