DEVENTit provides consultancy services that help organisations to structure their collection management system. We offer our input and advice on the management, registration, and online presentation of collections.

Consultancy services

Atlantis is a versatile, benchmark software solution for multimedia and web-based collection management and online presentation. The versatility and reliability of Atlantis have been firmly established during the two decades that this product has been serving our many clients. For a successful implementation within your environment, you will need sound advice and guidance. Have your needs and requirements been properly translated to Atlantis? Has the data conversion been identified? Do the employees get suitable training and monitoring before they start working with Atlantis? Can your organisation make optimal use of Atlantis? These and other questions are not just raised before and during the implementation but also afterwards.

Making an inventory of your inquiries

Effective use of Atlantis starts with asking the right questions. It is important to align and coordinate your wishes and requirements to avoid costly additional customisation. Our consultants know everything about how collection management can best be used and about building portals within organisations. Based on your inquiries, they make an inventory of:

  • The necessary components and their structure
  • The required applicable standards
  • Data conversions
  • Reports
  • Links with external systems
  • Authorisation structure
  • Customised elements
  • Support and training needs

This inventory results in a quotation for the implementation of the collection management, public, and/or portal environment.

Implementation and go-live process

During the implementation and the go-live process, our consultants can train, guide, and support your staff members with the testing and commissioning of the software. Aspects that are tackled during the test phase are:

  • Setting up a test plan
  • Instructions to the (acceptance) testers
  • Support during the test phase
  • Registration of the test results
  • Checks of the processed test results
  • Support with acceptance tests


After the commissioning, the organisation will certainly continue to develop as the use of the software can also lead to new insights. New work processes may require adjustments and further support or training needs may arise. That is why our consultants will always be happy to help, also when the system is up and running.

Customised elements

Consultancy is never a standard process. That is why our consultants will be happy to identify what sort of support your organisation needs via a non-committal intake meeting. They will then provide you with a non-binding quotation.