NEN 2082

The European Certification Bureau Nederland (ECB Nederland BV) has certified Atlantis for the NEN 2082 standards.

The NEN 2082 was developed based on existing Dutch, European, and American requirements from MoReq (2001), ReMANO (2004, DoD 5015.2 (1997-2002), and the  Kernmodel Interlab (20030). The standard conforms to the NEN-ISO 15489-1 Information and Archive Management standard that contains a set of 155 functional requirements. From the viewpoint of sound information and archive management, a part of these requirements is considered to be compulsory.

The ECB NEN 2082 certification is granted when all functionalities are solidly configured within the product. The ECB NEN 2082 certification proves that Atlantis is suitable for professional and secure information management according to the NEN 2082 standard and the Public Records Act.

By opting for a certified product, you are ensured of compliance with all the functional requirements as they are described in the various standards. This quality assurance offers secure storage of the information within the system and guarantees that classification and destruction are handled correctly.

With this certification, you can be sure that Atlantis is the optimal choice as an archives and records management application.