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DEVENTit bv came into being on 1 January 1998 as the result of a management buy-out of Advisie Automatisering’s software development department. When it was still a department there, its work was largely focused on developing custom services for Exact Financial Software. Atlantis was then in development as the successor to ImageFinder, an MS-DOS-run image bank for the municipal archives of three Dutch cities: Rotterdam, Utrecht and Bergen op Zoom. As time went on, our development of Atlantis took on ever greater proportions, to the point where now 95% of our operations concern Atlantis.

As a customer or contact of DEVENTit , you might be doing business with the following staff:


Peter van Diermen, M.Eng., Director

The owner of DEVENTit BV and initiator of Atlantis. He originally developed Version 1 of Atlantis as a software engineer at Advisie Automatisering. In a managerial capacity, he has experience of numerous roles in development, project management, pre-sales consultancy, marketing and sales. As the company has expanded, he has started concentrating on marketing, project management and customer relations, besides his general directorship.
“I wish I could spend my time shouting from the rooftops that Atlantis is the best product on the market, but I contain myself. My drive is to make Atlantis ever better, more capable and quicker.”


Albert-Jan van Gens, B.Eng, Head of Software Development

He, too, has been with DEVENTit since its Advisie days. With his thorough knowledge of software development, he manages our team of software engineers and brings a great many skills to bear. Besides coaching, he is involved in software architecture, ongoing development, optimisation and fine-tuning of Atlantis.
“Tackling complex issues using standard solutions: that challenge forms the basis and motivation of my work and of our products.”


Herre Jan Veenema, Sales Consultant

His responsibility is the commercial side of Atlantis. He is mindful of the needs of organisations and how Atlantis could offer them added value. He strives to achieve collaboration between organisations to enable the best possible solution for the customer. He is honest in his judgements and is a man of his word.
“We achieve your wishes with our solutions, with you and the solution taking centre stage.”


Jan-Hille Bos, B.Eng., Senior Software Engineer

He joined DEVENTit initially on a work experience placement, graduated and stuck with us. Knowledgeable on every component of Atlantis, he is highly helpful to colleagues and customers. He knows every computer and server used at DEVENTit: its age, its processor type, its memory capacity, who uses it and what for.
“Technology is what I love, whether hardware or software. So developing Atlantis is just the thing for me, as it keeps me operating in the vanguard of technological developments.”


Ralph Blom, B.Sc., Senior Software Engineer

A team player and Scrum Master, he can type faster than his shadow. He has three monitors at his desk and works on all of them simultaneously. He really comes into his own when things get hectic and the time pressure mounts.
“I’m the bridge between the jargon of the software developer and the language that software users speak. That’s the area where I’m motivated to keep improving our products.”


Ilja van Doorn, B.Eng., First-line Support

He is dedicated to assisting both Atlantis users and those developing Atlantis. A proactive thinker, he helps both categories formulate their aims and never loses sight of user experience. He is a clear communicator and never loses his patience.
“I like to think in terms of solutions, preferably before any problems even rear their head.”


Fedor Brouwer, B.Sc., Second-line Support

He is happiest sinking his teeth into knotty problems. He serves as the troubleshooter and resource for First-line Support. If he is unable to solve the issue, the Development Team have to be called in.
“What I get enjoyment at work and a sense of challenge from is coding good, and above all usable, solutions as quickly and well as possible. That is what gives me a sense of fulfilment.”


Mirjam Jussen, Secretary

Amidst all that IT at DEVENTit, she brings a woman’s touch and quiet strength to our team. As a secretary, she is dedicated and service-minded.
“I’m always one for keeping up the finest practices of past days and very much enjoy dealing with people, arranging, looking after them, language and precision. So I’m very much in my element as secretary at DEVENTit!”


Rijkje van Diermen, Administration & Finance

She is at the heart of all our monetary flows. As well as ensuring that our bookkeeping is easy to track and remains sound, she undertakes office management and staff management.
“Staff and office management are two aspects crucial to creating a pleasant working environment. And having financial soundness as a company is a good basis on which to produce our products. That’s what I enjoy working on as financial administrator!”

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