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Our Origins:

DEVENTit bv was established on 1 January 1998 from a management buy-out of the software development department of Advisie Automatisering. In this capacity, the activities were mainly focused on developing customized solutions for Exact Financial Software. Atlantis was then being developed as a successor to ImageFinder, an image bank under MS-DOS for the municipal archives of Rotterdam, Utrecht and Bergen op Zoom. Over time, the activities in the area of ​​Atlantis have been expanded. Now 95% of the activities are focused on Atlantis.

As a DEVENTit customer or relationship, you may be dealing with the following employees:

Peter van Diermen, M.Eng. Director

Owner of DEVENTit BV and founder of Atlantis. Ever developed version 1 of Atlantis as a software engineer at Advisie Automatisering. Has fulfilled various roles as a manager in the areas of: development, project management, pre-sales consultancy, marketing and sales. As the company grows, the activities focus on marketing, project management and relationship management alongside overall management. “I want to shout from the rooftops that Atlantis is the best product on the market, but I restrain myself. My drive is to make Atlantis better, stronger and faster. “

Albert-Jan van Gens, B.Eng, Head of Software Development

Employed at DEVENTit from the Advisie period. A centipede that manages the team of software engineers based on a thorough knowledge of software development. In addition to coaching, he is also involved in architecture, further development, optimization and perfection of Atlantis. “My challenge is to constantly improve product, quality and productivity”

Herre Jan Veenema, Sales Consultant

Is responsible for the commercial side of Atlantis. He has an eye for the needs of organizations and how Atlantis can be of added value there. Seeks cooperation with parties with whom an optimum solution for the customer can be realized. Tells an honest story and honors his agreements. “Realize your wishes with our solutions, where you and the solution are central”

Florian de Jong software engineer

Florian de Jong applies the principles of software engineering in his work in design, development, maintenance, testing and evaluation of the software that makes Atlantis work.

“1 + ‘1’ = 11”

Ralph Blom, B.Sc., Senior Software Engineer

A team player and scrummaster who can type faster than his shadow. Works with 3 displays, and on all displays simultaneously. Feels like a fish in the water when it gets hectic and the pressure increases. “Building a bridge between the” language “of software developer and the user of that software. That is my motivation to keep improving our products. “

Ilja van Doorn, B.Eng., First-line Support

Is committed to helping Atlantis users and helping the developers to Atlantis. Think pro-actively and always look at the user’s experience. Is clear in his communication and always patient. “I like to think in terms of solutions, preferably even before there are problems.”

Fedor Brouwer, B.Sc., Second-line Support

Feels most appropriate when there are difficult problems to solve. He is the source of information and problem solver for 1st line support. If he cannot solve it, the development team must get started. “I find my job satisfaction and challenge in coding good and especially useful solutions as quickly and effectively as possible. I get my satisfaction from that ”..

Annette Allaart, Project leader and Consultant

Always tries to find a compromise between the time schedule of various projects. This in accordance with the software engineers and the customer. As a consultant she gives advice and explanation about how Atlantis works. ”Together with the team we try to develop a beautiful and suitable solution that meets the wishes and expectations of the customer.”

Rijkje van Diermen, Administration & Finance

The pivot in all cash flows. Contributes to ensuring that the financial household is well-organized and remains healthy. Also takes care of office management and personnel management. “Personnel management and office management are things that help create a pleasant working environment. In addition, a financially sound company is a good basis for producing our products. And I like to cooperate in the financial administration! ”

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