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The Municipal Archive Rotterdam uses Atlantis for the management of various collections. Atlantis also provides the portal function for access to the collections via the website. In addition, a number of collections that are not yet managed within Atlantis are linked.

The collections are made available to the public via the website of the Municipal Archive. This includes image and sound, archives, library catalogs, digital pedigrees, newspaper articles, notarial records, newspapers, building drawings, military registers, VOC vouchers, Rotterdam’s yearbook, address books and street names. All collections are offered separately. The first 6 collections are both integral and individual, via Atlantis. From the homepage of the website, search functions are offered to people, locations, and events. These are Atlantis search features on the first 6 collections, searching for different combinations of search fields.


Search result in the Atlantis portal.

Search result from Atlantis portal
From the presentation of the search result, an editing of the public environment of Atlantis is applied. Specific wishes are processd regarding the functions and design so that it fits seamlessly within the vision of the Rotterdam Municipal Archive and the design of the website.

If collections are searched individually or in combination, an appropriate search form will be offered. The website builder has used the Atlantis API to integrate search features to people, locations and events, and for the individual and combined search forms via Atlantis.

When searching, a search result is divided into tabs. Each tab shows how many search results are found and the objects are presented in their own composition of information. These can be further filtered and sorted. All this is configured within the Atlantis management environment.


Detailed information of an object from the imagebank.

Detailed information about object from the image bank
The Municipal Archive Rotterdam has devoted much attention to the presentation of detailed information. This provides many opportunities for further navigation. A search result is thus the beginning of a discovery trip through the collections of the Archive. Visitors can post comments and archive material can be requested for inspection. These visitor functions are brought together within the “My Archive” feature, where visitors can also save search queries and create research files. All of these features are provided by Atlantis.

Of the offered collections, 4 are managed through the Atlantis management environment. This is the environment at which employees and volunteers build, manage and make the information available. Copyrights, disclosure restrictions and other issues that prevent publication are described in the management environment and are automatically acknowledged on the website.

There are 2 collections linked through federated search. The remaining collections can also be linked via an appropriate method (harvesting, federated search, import, etc.).

To the future, the Rotterdam Municipal Archive has a platform that can be expanded in any way. Through new modules and services, Atlantis’s operation can be broadened and enhanced. In addition, it has the ability to connect external systems as a supplier of information or to provide information. Due to the availability of mobile environments on the Atlantis platform, the availability of phones and tablets is at your fingertips. In short, with Atlantis, the Municipal Archive Rotterdam has chosen continuity and future prospects!

See: http://www.stadsarchief.rotterdam.nl

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