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Through the Digital Study Room, the collections of the Nijmegen Regional Archive are made available to the public. This includes the image bank, film, sound, archives, indexes, library catalogs, address books and newspapers. These collections are offered both integrally and individually.

Presentatie krantenpagina met treffermarkering

Presentation newspaper page with hit-highlighting

Zoekresultaat met filters

Search result with filters

Presentation newspaper page with hit marking
This Digital Study Room is an editing of the public space of Atlantis. This is made to its own wishes regarding the functions and design implemented so that it fits seamlessly within the vision of the Nijmegen Regional Archive and the design of the website.

The offered collections are extensive. For example, more than 800,000 pages are available in the newspapers for content searching. And within seconds!

It is worth mentioning that much material is provided with scans that can be viewed through the viewer of Atlantis. The audio and video material is offered through full streaming, so playback starts almost immediately.

Search result with filters
The study room environment offers a wide range of filters in the search results. These “facets” allow a search result to be further filtered on many features.

In the extended search, the collections can be searched individually or in the desired combination. The dynamic behavior of the search form for Atlantis is then well presented. For each collection or combination of collections, the corresponding search form will be displayed so that the collections can be searched for the most.

When presenting archive material, it was chosen to present objects and structure side by side. As a result, the context of an object is always clear and can be navigated further through the hierarchical archive structure. All that from one screen.

Presentatie archiefbestanddeel

Presentation archive component

All of the offered collections are managed through the Atlantis management environment. This is the environment at which employees and volunteers build, manage and make available. Copyrights, disclosure restrictions and other issues that prevent publication are reported in the management environment and are automatically honored within the Digital Study Room.

Presentation archive component
All collections allow links through OAI-PMH, so that third parties can collect the collections, as far as this is permitted. The image collections are available on Europeana and archives on Archives Portal Europe (APEX). In addition, the Nijmegen Regional Archives is always in control of what information is made available through the Atlantis management environment.

Both the Digital Study Room and the management environment are hosted through the hosting environment of DEVENTit.

For the future, the Nijmegen Regional Archives has a platform that can be expanded in any way. Through new modules and services, Atlantis’s operation can be broadened and enhanced. In addition, it has the ability to connect external systems as a supplier of information or to provide information to. Due to the availability of mobile environments on the Atlantis platform, the availability of phones and tablets is at your fingertips. In short, with Atlantis, the Regional Archives Nijmegen has chosen continuity and future prospects!

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