Digital Research Room Overijssel

Project Beschrijving

The Digital Research Room Overijssel (DO) is the environment in which Overijsselse Heritage institutions offer their collections for consultation and research. Numerous professional heritage institutions and historical associations contribute to this initiative of the Historic Center Overijssel.

The DO serves as an extension of the offer within MijnStadMijnDorp (MyCityMyVillage), but is also available as a separate portal. Atlantis is the heritage portal in which the collections of the various institutions are collected and made available.

The features of an Atlantis Heritage Portal are also featured in this area, such as:

– An extensive search environment that allows iterative search
– Presentations of search results in the form of a list or gallery and on a Google map
– Extensive filters on search results
– Presentation of footage through the highly functional viewer of Atlantis
– Full-streaming audio / video playback
– Orders of reproductions
– Comments from visitors on heritage material with the ability to upload their own images, videos, etc.
– A private environment for visitors in which files can be created and stored
– Responsive: Suitable for use on PC / Laptops, tablets and phones
– Secure: Call all links via secure HTTPS

In short, a rich and modern environment that makes the consultation and research of heritage pleasant, user-friendly and efficient.




The design of the DO is similar to that of the Mijn Stad Mijn Dorp website. This provides a seamless transition between these 2 environments.

The Digital Research Room Overijssel is accessible via the website of Mijn Stad Mijn Dorp or directly via this link.


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