• 8 September 2017

    Information at Sea

    Win a fully-groomed day in historic Spakenburg!

    At the 14th and 15th of September it is time for the 15th edition of the exhibition ‘Information at Sea’ in Oostende (Belgium). We are present as sponsor and standholder. During these days, you are having a chance to win a fully-groomed day in the historic village Spakenburg.

    Why Spakenburg?
    DEVENTit is located in Spakenburg. A village with many traditions and cultural experiences. We would like to let you experience this.

    The harbour

    What are we going to do?
    During this day you will meet Spakenburg at his best. We are going to see an authentic fish auction at the harbour of Spakenburg. We will also sail on an old fishingboat as shown on the picture. And we are also going to visit the museum of Spakenburg where the story of the local traditional costumes is explained

    What should you do to get a chance to win?
    Come and see us at our stand by the exhibition on ‘information at sea’ and leave your details.
    Each day at 15.15 p.m. we will choose 4 winners. We will contact each winner in person.


    We would like to see you at Information at sea!

  • 10 July 2017

    Dutch trade mission Italy 2017

    DEVENTit has been granted the honour to participate in the Dutch trade mission to Italy, being part of the “Cultural Heritage” sector. This trade mission took place together with the state visit of our royal couple.

    The mission visited both Rome and Milan, where leading cultural heritage organisations were attended. Guided tours and presentations were serviced, to provide us of knowledge as to how these Italian organisations deal with digitalisation and making available of their collections.

    In Milaan we also had several matchmaking dialogues, being 1 on 1 conversations with parties esteemed interesting for DEVENTit, or which vice versa are interested in DEVENTit as a lucrative party.

    The matches have been made in advance by the Department of Foreign Affairs, based upon the profiles and targets companies have regarding the Italian market.

    The aim of DEVENTit was to locate suitable partners to represent the package Atlantis on the Italian market, with sales, implementation, training and support.

    By means of these conversations we identified potentially suitable candidates. These contacts will be deepened in the near future.

    In the magnificent Palazo Reale in Milan, a former royal palace, the “Trade Dinner” took place in a very welcoming hall, in the presence of ministers Ploumen and Koenders and the royal couple.

    On the last day of the mission all participants of the trade mission were introduced to the King and Queen. Our royal couple took their time for each entrepreneur to enable him or her to give them a short introduction. The royal couple showed sincere interest and asked questions to learn more.

    We also had the honour to have a short conversation with king Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima, which left us with a deep impression.

    We can look back on a wonderful and useful trade mission. Existing business relations have been deepened and new contacts have been made. All this might result in a start for Atlantis in Italy!

    Italy is one of the countries with the most cultural heritage in the world. Regarding digitalisation, collection management and making available however, it will have to catch up with a backlog; we believe that Atlantis could fulfill an effective role in this.

    Our gratitude goes out to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ambassy in Italy, who made this all possible.

  • 19 June 2017

    DEVENTit participant in the Dutch trade mission to Italy 2017

    DEVENTit will participate in the Dutch trade mission to Italy this week. With Cultural Heritage as one of its main themes, the trade mission will take place at the same time as a state visit of the Dutch King and Queen to Italy.

    “The new version of the Atlantis Collections Management System, which is currently under development, will be ready for the international market soon. This trade mission therefore is an opportune moment to connect to potential partners and organisations associated with Cultural Heritage in Italy.” – DEVENTit’s general director, Peter van Diermen.

    The trade mission will take place in Rome and Milan from the 20th until the 23rd of June. Visits to leading organisations and information sessions about doing business in Italy are part of the programme. The Dutch royal couple will be participating in some of the scheduled events. Meeting the Dutch King and Queen will be the highlight of the trade mission.

    “In preparation for the event, our company website and product folders are made available in English also. Potential partners and customers are being informed about DEVENTit and on our participation in the trade mission. The trade mission will be both practical and pleasurable.”

  • 13 June 2017

    ASR chooses Atlantis for their collection management

    Insurer ASR has chosen Atlantis for the management of their collections of art and historical property. Atlantis is the solution for collection management and portal construction, of DEVENTit from Bunschoten in The Netherlands. In addition to the management, Atlantis will make the collections available to the organization and to the public.

    “For the replacement of AdLib, we have chosen Atlantis because of its user-friendly management environment, the accessibility of the environment from the public side and because Atlantis is a modern environment with options and techniques that match current times.” Said Sigrid Vegter, curator art and historical property of ASR.

    “We are very pleased with this choice of ASR for Atlantis,” says Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit. “ASR fits well with large companies like Shell, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Aegon, etc., who are getting more and more at Atlantis for their archive and collection management.”

    For total detention, the Atlantis area is also hosted by DEVENTit.

    If you also want a modern and user-friendly solution for your archive and collection management, please contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free demonstration.


  • 23 May 2017

    Secure access to your Atlantis environments

    Security of websites and web applications are becoming increasingly important. Daily can be read about data crashes, hacks or other burglaries via the Internet. For a secure environment, firewalls, strong passwords and a secure connection between the web access and visitors are required.

    For this latter, Atlantis has an SSL option available. This enables your Atlantis management, public and portal environments to communicate with your visitors safely. The URLs to your Atlantis environments then go from http: // to https: //.

    In addition to secure communication with your visitors, SSL access has an additional benefit. Search engines like Google are going to better assess more and more web environments with SSL access. This counts more heavily in the ranking of search results. Also, browsers increasingly indicate whether access to a web site is safe or unsafe.

    The Dutch government notes the importance of secure web access as a priority. By the end of 2017, all Dutch government sites should submit this obligation.

    In short, let your Atlantis environments provide secure web access for your visitors and employees. Contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free quote.

  • 7 April 2017

    Erdee Media Group chooses Atlantis for “Kerkgeheugen” (church memorandum)

    “Kerkgeheugen” (church memorandum) offers churches a platform with digital and online applications, which support them with structuring, archiving and communication of their information. In addition Kerkgeheugen offers supportive services, such as an authorship training and archive editing. ​This services will be offered by the Erdee Media Group as of the 17th of March 2017.

    “With the applications of Kerkgeheugen, churches will be able to manage their entire information flow correctly and durably”, initiator Timo van Houdt explains. “From preparing meetings and sharing documents to directing the complete church administration and the archiving of files. More and more churches fortunately understand the significance of this and therefore make use of the platform.”

    “For the archive management we have chosen for the Atlantis platform of DEVENTit in Bunschoten. With this, archivists of church communities are able to implement archive management professionally. The applications of Kerkgeheugen are linked to Atlantis, so that the items to be archived and files of the consistory, commissions and third parties can be implemented in Atlantis automatically and be stored durably in an E-Depot. Further management and the making available will then be arranged via Atlantis.” “We gladly contribute to this initiative”, Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit, brings up. “We put Atlantis at their disposal against non-commercial rates, so that the subscription fees can remain low. This way every church community will be able to apply Kerkgeheugen.” In case you are interested to let your church community use Kerkgeheugen too, please contact Timo van Houdt at timo@kerkgeheugen.nl. Would you also like to manage your collections in a durable manner? In that case an Atlantis package with E-Depot is the right solution for you! Please contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He will gladly answer your questions. A demonstration for you on location is surely possible, without any obligation.
  • 20 January 2017

    Atlantis Heritage portal cultural binder in Bruges City

    Bunschoten/Bruges, 20th January 2017 — More than 392.000 heirlooms of Bruges recently can be searched easily by just one mouse click. Paintings, sculptures, medieval handwritings, photographs, carts, archaeological finds, historic newspapers; all of this can be found on the online Heritage portal Erfgoedbrugge.be. The Heritage portal was officially engaged recently, in the presence of the Flemish minister of Culture Gatz, mayor Landuyt of Bruges and hundreds of interested persons from the Flemish Heritage field. The Heritage portal has been realised by DEVENTit, the Dutch specialist in collection management and portal construction.









    Virtual gathering place
    Thanks to Erfgoedbrugge.be already five collections can be explored simultaneously. Based on one or several keywords there will be searched in the collections of Musea Bruges, Image Bank Bruges, Card and House, Magis and the historical newspaper collection of the Public Iibrary of Bruges. Presently the collection medieval handwritings of the Public Library of Bruges, the virtual reading-room of the City Archives and the Guido Gezelle archive can also be consulted this way. Gradually ErfgoedBrugge.be will increase and  become richer of contents continuously . Eventually it will become the virtual gathering place for 16 unique Heritage collections of Bruges.

    Cultural binder

    In their own words the website Erfgoedbrugge.be is the ‘maïzena’ for the heritage projects in Bruges City: the cultural binder by which partners are held together and the databases fit together perfectly like cultural puzzle pieces. It’s exceptional that the heritage partners can all continue to work in their own environment with preservation of their own identity and yet are able to come out together.

    Technically perfect solution
    “For this project we have cooperated intensivally and fruitfully with DEVENTit,”, Katrien Steelandt states, coordinator of the heritage communication of the heritage cell. “Thanks to that cooperation we now have a technically perfect user-friendly solution. For the public this is a huge step forwards.” The solution is based on the Atlantis software package. This modern online solution, developped in-house by DEVENTit , localised in Bunschoten in the provence of Utrecht, is highly suitable for use by libraries, musea, archives and other institutions which would like to make large collections online available easily.

    Accurate search
    “The website of Ergoedcel Brugge shows well what an Atlantis  heritage website has to offer”, Peter van Diermen ventilates, director of DEVENTit. “It’s a modern, functional, informative and attractively modelled website, which is fully dynamical and therefore suitable for PC/Laptops, tablets and telephones. The Heritage portal on the website offers uncomplicated access to the miscellaneous collections, which are integrally or separately searchable accurately. Furthermore we have set up the Atlantis-application in such a way, that the heritage information is seamlessly available for the, popular among tourists, App Xplore Bruges.”

    Would you also like to open up your collections in an attractive and modern way? In that case an Atlantis Heritage website and/or an Atlantis Heritage portal will be the perfect solution for you. Please contact met Herre-Jan Veenema. He would be pleased to answer all of your your questions. A demonstration on your location is also possible, without any obligation!

  • 19 January 2017

    Nomination (Dutch) History Online Prize 2017

    www.mijnstadmijndorp.nl (MyCityMyVillage) of the Historical Centre Overijssel has been nominated for the (Dutch) History Online Prize 2017! This makes us very proud.

    DEVENTit may reckon itself among the permanent partners of the Historical Centre Overijssel since realisation of this environment. Atlantis is the collection management and portal software with which www.mijnstadmijndorp.nl and also www.onderzoekoverijssel.nl are operated.

    We offer the Historical Centre Overijssel – and Limoen Groen as builder of this website – therefore our warmest congratulations with the nomination and invite you to vote on this formidable website.

    Below you can read the press release of the Historical Centre Overijssel, we surely wouldn’t want you to be abstained from.


    MijnStadMijnDorp (MyCityMyVillage) has been nominated for the (Dutch) History Online Prize 2017!

    www.mijnstadmijndorp.nl participates in the (Dutch) History Online Prize 2017. This prize crowns the most innovative, most surprising or most beautiful Dutch historical website or app. From over 160 candidates MijnStadMijnDorp has been nominated for the jury prize, together with 19 other websites and apps!

    MijnStadMijnDorp is a project of Historical Centre Overijssel and has been made possible by the province of Overijssel. It’s a platform where knowledge and sources can be bundled and shared. Anyone can participate, whether you have good stories and/or image material to share as an association, organization or as private individual, deposit on MijnStadMijnDorp and share your special collection with others. Together we can make MijnStadMijnDorp a success!

    The (Dutch) History Online Prize consists of an audience award and a jury prize. Until the 9th of February you are able to vote on your favorite historical website or app via www.geschiedenisonlineprijs.nl. Do you think MijnStadMijnDorp deserves that prize? Vote!


    Note to the editorial staff:

    Image: header ‘vote on MSMD’ and as a supplement screenshot homepage www.mijnstadmijndorp.nl

    More information: Historisch Centrum Overijssel 0854885000

  • 9 January 2017

    Nieuwsbrief Atlantis 2017

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

    Personeel en directievan DEVENTit wensen u een gezond en gelukkig 2017 toe. Wij danken u hartelijk voor het in ons gestelde vertrouwen en zien uit naar een continuering en verdieping van onze relatie.

    Met deze nieuwsbrief willen wij terugblikken op 2016 en aan u de plannen voor Atlantis in 2017 bekend maken.

    Klik op deze link om de nieuwsbrief te lezen.

  • 16 December 2016

    City archive Roeselare chooses for Atlantis with E-Depot

    The City archive of Roeselare has chosen for the Atlantis package of DEVENTit for the archive- and depot management, a.o. Also the Further Accesses and Image collections will be managed with Atlantis.

    Furthermore an implementation track has been set up with the E-Depot environment of Data Matters. The generic E-Depot service of Atlantis offers a transparent linking to this E-Depot environment for all modules and collections managed via or linked to Atlantis.

    “DEVENTit distinguished itself from the other candidates because of the fact, that Atlantis provides much more functionalities than the other solutions have to offer. These extra functionalities enable us to accomplish our tasks in a much more efficient way and handle the challenges the City archive knows with regard to archive and depot management”, Willy Vallaey states, archivist and records manager of Roeselare City about the choice for Atlantis.

    “With this election we are extremely satisfied”, Peter van Diermen states, director of DEVENTit. “The city and the City archive wish to make large steps in managing and making available of their heritage and we are pleased to support them with this.”

    Would you also like to have your archive and depot management in order and/or make steps to start using an E-depot? In that case don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He will gladly answer your questions. A demonstration for you on location is surely possible, without any obligation.

  • 26 September 2016

    Full Audit service on Atlantis

    The metadata form the most valuable part of a collection management system. Volunteers, staff members and specialists have applied themselves in order to achieve an accurate registration. Sources have therefore been examined, scans have been studied and discussions have been held about the best way of registration.

    Also for the traceability the metadata are of the utmost importance. Searching on dating, titles, headwords, places and names makes sources findable and usable.

    But it occurs: just that one field overwriten unwanted. A serial describe action of hundreds of records with unexpected consequences. A description thrown away which yet should have been remained. What now? Restore a back-up of the previous day? And then let get all of today’s labour get lost?

    Luckily there is no need anymore for that, for Atlantis can now be expanded with the full audit service. With this service all changes are saved on field level. Consequently it’s possible to replace a field value, even after it has been altered many times. But also a full metadata description or even a batchwise describe action can then be fully restored. A metadata description has been deleted? No harm done. It first ends up in the “carbage bin”, from which it can be restored again or definitaly removed.

    In short, with the full audit service no metatadata get lost again. A full audit trail will be constructed, by which it will be accurately traceable who/when/did what with the metadata, with restore options if necessary.

    Do you also wish to be data loss-proof, don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He will be pleased to supply you of information or take care of a non obligatory demo on your location.


  • 2 September 2016

    Open Data op Atlantis

    Open Data staat voor vrij beschikbare informatie. In een door een machine leesbaar formaat, zonder registratie of verklaring voor gebruik, zonder beperkingen o.b.v. auteurswet, databankenwet of geheimhouding. Derden kunnen er direct mee aan de slag. Legaal en zonder financiële of juridische drempels.

    De overheid zet hoog in op beschikbaarheid van Open Data. Via de wet Hergebruik van Overheidsinformatie wordt het beschikbaar stellen van alle openbare overheidsinformatie geregeld. Met een beroep op deze wet kan iedere burger aan een overheidsinstantie het verzoek doen om openbare informatie als Open Data beschikbaar te stellen. Dat is de verplichte/wettelijke kant van Open Data.

    De motiverende en stimulerende kant van Open Data is dat burgers en organisaties zelf creatief aan de slag kunnen gaan met de door u beheerde informatie en daarmee mooie en verrassende toepassingen kunnen maken of tot nieuwe inzichten komen.

    Als informatie beherende organisatie kunt u met Atlantis uw eigen Open Data-portaal realiseren. Dit portaal is dan onderdeel van de Atlantis publieks- en portaalomgeving van uw organisatie.

    In Atlantis kunt u datasets configureren. Dit zijn selecties op uw collecties waarmee objecten als groep/set worden benoemd. Vervolgens kan voor ieder gewenst uitvoerformaat een template worden gedefinieerd. Hiermee wordt de informatie in CSV, XML, JSON, EAD, PDF, Excel of wat voor formaat dan ook beschikbaar gesteld.

    De Open Datasets komen automatisch beschikbaar onder de menu-optie “Opendata” in de publieks- en portaalomgeving; in uw eigen vormgeving en volledig geïntegreerd met de bestaande collectie-ontsluiting.

    De bezoeker krijgt onder de menu-optie “Opendata” de lijst van beschikbare Open Datasets te zien met daarbij vermeld de beschikbare formaten en een zoekfunctie.

    Als de bezoeker een formaat aanklikt, dan wordt de Open Dataset in een downloadbestand met dat formaat beschikbaar gesteld.

    Als de bezoeker kiest voor Zoeken, dan komt een zoekfunctie op de Open Dataset beschikbaar, waarmee naast een keuze voor een formaat ook een selectie op de Open Dataset gedaan kan worden.

    De zoekfunctie geeft dezelfde zoekvelden als wanneer via de reguliere collectie-ontsluiting op deze informatie gezocht zou worden. Met deze zoekfunctie kan dus eerst een selectie gedaan worden op de Open Dataset. De gewenste records komen dan in een downloadbestand in het gekozen formaat beschikbaar.

    De dienst Open Data op Atlantis betekent gemak in beschikbaarstelling en gebruik voor u en uw bezoekers. Maar daar blijft het niet bij. Onder de motorkap zijn diverse voorzieningen getroffen waardoor de Open Data dienst voor uw Atlantis omgeving schaalbaar in gebruik is.

    Als een organisatie een dataset als Open Data beschikbaar stelt, dan wordt van deze records een kopie geëxporteerd naar een locatie buiten de database. Als de records in Atlantis worden gemuteerd, dan worden periodiek ook de geëxporteerde records bijgewerkt.

    Het samenstellen van een downloadbestand op aanvraag van de bezoeker gebeurt real-time vanuit de geëxporteerde records. Dit betekent dat ongeacht welke hoeveelheid downloads van Open Data er ook gevraagd wordt, de database van Atlantis hiermee niet wordt belast. De Open Data-dienst van Atlantis is daarmee schaalbaar voor ieder gebruik.

    Wilt u ook uw Open Data op een eenvoudige manier op uw eigen Open Data-portaal beschikbaar stellen, aarzel dan niet om contact op te nemen met Herre-Jan Veenema. Hij zal u graag voorzien van informatie of een vrijblijvende demonstratie bij u op locatie verzorgen.

  • 8 July 2016

    Musea & Heritage Mechelen chooses for Atlantis

    Musea & Heritage Mechelen combines a museum operation (research, collecting, managing, disclosure) with a heritage operation (heritage policy, networking, support, knowledge and assessment building and sharing, volunteer work). This synergy takes care of more than the sum of its parts.

    Musea & Heritage Mechelen actualises the Burgundian city palace “Hof van Busleyden” to a modern city museum and consequently gives meaning to the past of the city nowadays.

    Musea & Heritage Mechelen has chosen Atlantis as environment for collection management and making available. “We have chosen for Atlantis because of user-friendliness, flexibility, modular scheme and the openness of the application. That makes it possible to operate relatively easy with various collection management partners data bank exceeding. The price aspect also played a significant role.”, according to Annelies Lieten (expert budget management & heritage projects of Mechelen Musea & Heritage).

    “We are very pleased with the election of Atlantis by Musea & Heritage Mechelen”, Peter van Diermen states, director of DEVENTit from Bunschoten, The Netherlands. “Collections of several organisations are managed and made available. Atlantis matches this model well, whereby there are possibilities to grow on in collections and organisations.”

    Do you also want to manage and make available image banks, printed sources, archives, museological or archeological collections, together with partner organisations? In that case Atlantis might be interesting for you also.

    Do not hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He will be pleased to provide you with information or a demonstration on your location.


  • 4 May 2016

    Bouwdossiers Het Nieuwe Instituut op MijnAdres

    Het Nieuwe Instituut (voorheen het Nederlands Architectuur Instituut) beheert het Rijksarchief voor Nederlandse architectuur en stedenbouw, met tekeningen, foto’s, affiches en maquettes uit de archieven en verzamelingen van Nederlandse architecten en stedenbouwers.

    Het webportaal MijnAdres.org biedt bouwdossiers en bouw gerelateerde collecties van verschillende archieven en instellingen aan voor ontsluiting door het brede publiek.

    Het aanbod van MijnAdres wordt uitgebreid met de collectie van Het Nieuwe Instituut, waarmee MijnAdres verrijkt wordt met een omvangrijke, nationaal georiënteerde collectie.

    “Het Nieuwe Instituut kent een lange traditie om haar collectie onder een zo breed mogelijk publiek onder de aandacht te brengen via een studiezaal die voor iedereen toegankelijk is en – sinds een half jaar – via een eigen zoekportaal waar men kan zoeken in de bibliotheek en de archieven. Omdat hieraan steeds meer gescande afbeeldingen worden toegevoegd, komt het archief als het ware bij de mensen thuis.” vertelt de heer B. Mousavi, manager Erfgoed van Het Nieuwe Instituut. “Het is dan niet meer dan logisch om die mensen ook thuis de mogelijkheid te geven om te zoeken of er in de archieven van het Nieuwe Instituut over hun huis, straat of buurt informatie te vinden is. MijnAdres is hier een mooi platform voor. De dwarsverbanden die zichtbaar worden middels informatie uit verschillende archieven en instellingen zijn niet alleen winst voor de onderzoeker, maar ook voor ons als aanbieder van die informatie, omdat het de waarde ervan versterkt.”

    Binnenkort zal de collectie van Het Nieuwe Instituut beschikbaar komen op MijnAdres.org. Wij zulllen u hier dan nader over berichten.

    Wilt u uw bouwdossiers of bouw gerelateerde collecties aanbieden aan het brede publiek op een aantrekkelijke manier? Neem dan contact op met Herre-Jan Veenema. Hij zal u graag informeren of u bezoeken voor een vrijblijvende demonstratie.

  • 15 April 2016

    Atlantis Roadshows starten weer

    De ontwikkelingen in Atlantis staan zeker niet stil.

    In de afgelopen 2 jaar hebben we voor Atlantis een aantal ontwikkelingen in gang gezet die Atlantis naar een nieuw niveau brengen voor wat betreft collectiebeheer en portaalbouw.

    Tot nu toe was ons voornaamste doel om alle functies van het Atlantis Windows-pakket ook in de webomgeving beschikbaar te maken. Nu zijn de ontwikkelingen erop gericht om Atlantis zowel functioneel als technisch een leidend pakket te maken in de erfgoedsector.

    Deze plannen zijn 2 jaar geleden bekend gemaakt via Roadshows door het hele land. Nu willen we u laten zien waar we staan: wat is er afgerond en wat zal er binnenkort beschikbaar komen.

    Tijdens de roadshows zullen wij u een tiental nieuwe ontwikkelingen binnen Atlantis laten zien, die onlangs beschikbaar zijn gekomen of die binnenkort beschikbaar zijn. Dit betreft:

    Thesaurus met brugfunctie

    Dit voorziet in een volledig configureerbare thesaurusfunctie, die tegemoet komt aan de huidige NEN- en ISO standaard. Hiermee kunnen eigen thesauri ingericht worden. Ook externe thesauri kunnen gekoppeld worden via de brugfunctie, waardoor import van deze thesauri overbodig is. Hiermee kan men tegelijkertijd verbonden worden met de Nationale Strategie Digitaal Erfgoed door het beschikbaar maken van gekoppelde (open) data.

    ElasticSearch Zoekmachine
    Uw database sneller doorzoekbaar met een factor 10-100: dat is mogelijk met de ElasticSearch zoektechniek die beschikbaar is voor Atlantis.

    Configureer uw processen en laat uw organisatie daardoor volledig procesgestuurd werken. De dienst Procesbeheer maakt dit mogelijk. Daarnaast kunnen behalve door Atlantis ondersteunde processen, ook externe processen en processtappen opgenomen worden. Hierdoor worden uw objecten voorzien van een volledige geschiedenis van processen waar ze onderdeel van zijn geweest.

    U kunt uw collecties beschikbaar maken voor het publiek en de vrijwilligers, teneinde deze te beschrijven met ingebouwde controle functies.

    Scanning on Demand
    Het publiek kan aangeven wat er gedigitaliseerd dient te worden, al dan niet tegen een vergoeding. Deze dienst groepeert aanvragen voor Scanning on Demand, stelt de opdracht voor digitalisering samen, controleert de aanlevering van de gedigitaliseerde stukken en informeert tijdens het gehele proces de aanvragers.

    Generieke E-Depot dienst
    Met deze dienst is Atlantis volledig OAIS en ED3 compliant, onafhankelijk van het E-Depot waar gebruik van wordt gemaakt. Deze dienst is volledig generiek van opzet en kan koppelen met ieder E-Depot.

    Full audit trail
    Van alle datamutaties wordt bijgehouden wie/wanneer dat heeft gedaan en wat er is gewijzigd. De audit trail maakt dit volledig inzichtelijk en biedt functies als het terugdraaien van wijzigingen en het ongedaan maken van verwijderingen via een prullenbakfunctie.

    Organisaties kunnen hiermee hun eigen formulieren samenstellen op de velden van de beschikbare beschrijvingsstructuren. Hiermee kan invoer en mutatie afgestemd worden op een doelgroep, project of aandachtsgebied.

    Open Data
    Collecties beschikbaar stellen als Open Data via uw eigen Open Data portaal. Geconfigureerd wordt welke objecten van een collectie / in welke vorm naar buiten worden gebracht. Dit kan in verschillende formaten: CSV, XML, PDF, MS-Excel, etc. Binnen het Open Data portaal kan de bezoeker naast het selecteren van het gewenste formaat van een collectie ook een selectie maken van de gewenste records.

    Deze Open Data-dienst zorgt er ook voor dat er tijdens het opvragen van de Open Data geen druk op de database ontstaat, waardoor dit geen invloed op de performance van Atlantis heeft. Het Open Data portaal is een uitbreiding op de Atlantis publieksomgeving en presenteert zich daarmee in de vormgeving van uw organisatie, binnen de eigen website van uw organisatie.

    Dynamische Velden
    Een organisatie kan hiermee zelf velden toevoegen aan de beschikbare beschrijvingsstructuren.

    Spectrum ondersteuning
    Spectrum is de wereldwijde standaard voor het beheren van museale collecties. Atlantis heeft deze standaard geïmplementeerd, waarmee het ook een volwaardig collectiebeheer- en portaalsysteem voor musea is geworden.

    De eerste Roadshow zal zijn op 27 mei a.s. bij de Zeeuwse Bibliotheek in Middelburg en richt zich speciaal op de Zeeuwse Erfgoedinstellingen. Daarnaast zullen er Roadshows worden georganiseerd in het midden en het noordoosten van het land en in België.

    Wilt u een roadshow bijwonen? Meld u dan aan bij Herre-Jan Veenema. Hij zal u graag op de hoogte houden van een roadshow bij u in de buurt.

  • 18 March 2016

    Pon’s Automotive chooses for Atlantis

    Pon is an international trade and service organisation in the car industry. With A-brands like Cervélo, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, MAN en Continental they offer their customers the best of the best.

    Pon’s Automotive is the Dutch importer of the car brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Volkswagen Company cars, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini.

    Pon has an extensive collection of image material for which they were searching for a system for collection management and making available. This was found in Atlantis, the solution for collection management and portal construction from DEVENTit bv in Bunschoten.

    Leo Koekkoek, company archivist of Pon’s Automotive, motivates the choise for Atlantis as follows: “The flexibility between storage  and database is the most important reason why we have chosen for Atlantis. It does not matter where the images are stored. This can be locally on our own server, via a cloud construction or via hosting by DEVENTit. An other reason is the knowledge and experience of DEVENTit in the field of Cultural Historical Heritage. As a result of this DEVENTit thinks along during the implementation traject and advises what might be the best solution. Atlantis is a package that is flexible because of the modular construction, which means that the customer can choose what fits him most.”

    “We are very proud that Pon has chosen for us”, Peter van Diermen brings up, director of DEVENTit bv. “A primal Dutch family company of world class chooses Atlantis for their broad collection of photo and film material. We are sure not to confound their trust put in us. The moment the image bank of Pon will be put online, we will surely inform you about that.”

    Do you also want to build, manage and make available an image bank, with the best the market has to offer? Do not hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He will be pleased to inform you or take care of a demo on your location, without any obligation.

  • 4 March 2016

    Atlantis at City Archive Oss

    The City Archive Oss (Stadsarchief Oss) wishes to make regional history available for a broad public. This happens among others by the making available of archive sources.

    Recently they have chosen for Atlantis as their collection registration system. This choice has been made after an intensive selection process of the systems of several providers.

    Martine Eerelman, staff member education and publicity, explains: “Because of a reorganisation the City archive Oss was looking for a new collection registration system. For this we have approached several candidates. What pleased us with DEVENTit, was the easy accessability, the personal contact, the transparant modules and the comprihensible clarification. Also as a small organisation without much knowledge of ict, we can cope with Atlantis very well.”

    The final result is impressive: an environment in which the image bank, the library collection and the newspapers collection have been stationed. These collections are offered via the Collecties pagina (Collections page) on the website of the City archive.

    The design of the City archive has been taken over 1:1 in the public environment of Atlantis, as a result of which it fits seamlessly within the website.

    The search function through widely 250.000 objects is extremely fast by the application of the Elasticsearch search technology in combination with the tailored hosting environment of Atlantis.

    “ With Atlantis the City Archive Oss has a solution with an optimal price-quality ratio at its disposal.”, according to Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit. “Because of the modular construction of Atlantis, also for a relatively small organisation it can be applied cost effective. In addition the environment can be extended to all sides with extra modules and services. With Atlantis the City Archive Oss has chosen for continuity and perspective!”.

    Do you also have an interest in applying a collection management system that has the best of the market to offer on all fronts, do not hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He will be pleased to supply you of information or take care of a demonstration on your location.

  • 5 October 2015

    Atlantis is E-Depot ready

    DEVENTit has developped an E-Depot service with which E-Depot environments can be linked to Atlantis. Subsequently the combination of Atlantis with an E-Depot environment meets the OAIS and ED3 standards and regulations.

    Generic E-Depot service
    The E-Depot service is generic. Independent of the E-Depot environment to be connected, E-Depot functions are offered. Within Atlantis these generic E-Depot functions are integrated with the framework, the modules and the services.

    The regular storage of digital files is hereby expanded with the storage of the digital files in an E-Depot. By this it is possible to preserve originals durably in an E-Depot and to place derivatives in the regular storage of Atlantis. Therewith storage is used durably – and with that more expensive – where that is necessary, and can regular- and therewith cheaper – storage be used where that is possible. This results in an optimal price/quality ratio in the need of storage of the organisation.

    Integration with Atlantis
    During the input of digital files, the ingest, it can be indicated whether the files will have to be stored in the E-Depot or not. In case of image material also a derivative and a thumbnail are composed besides the storage of the digital file in the E-Depot for direct consultation from the Atlantis management and public environments, as well as from connected external systems.

    The moments the original file is needed, it will be retrieved from the E-Depot. For example when after an order of a reproduction a digital download has to be supplied for the composition of the reproduction or directly to the customer. Also from the management environment it is possible to request a download of the original from the E-Depot, besides a download of the derivatives.

    TMLO metadata
    An E-Depot is a blackbox. In it digital files are located which can be approached without the context of a collection management system. The digital files thus exist on their own and only have to be able to be rendered from the E-Depot: what kind of file is it, where does it belong to, may it be destroyed and if so, when, what are the current limitations in terms of publicity, (copy)rights, etc.

    To obtain this signification each digital file will be accompanied by metadata. The common format for these metadata is TMLO (Toepassingsprofiel Metadata Lokale Overheden=application profile metadata local authorities).

    Atlantis sees to it that when a digital file is placed in an E-Depot, this is accompanied by a TMLO file. This file is composed from the description in Atlantis, added with technical metadata about the complete digital file. How a TMLO file is composed from a description in Atlantis is configurable and therewith fully tuned in to the used description standards and the implementation of them within the organisation. Therefore with this an organisation using Atlantis for its collection management as well as the E-Depot service of Atlantis, will be TMLO ready directly.

    Linking with E-Depot environments
    The Atlantis E-Depot service is generically applicable for random E-Depot environments. The pilot has been implemented with the E-Depot system of Data Matters and herewith this linking is available ready for use.

    But also other E-Depot environments, like Preservica of the National Archive or open source E-Depot environments like Archivematica, RODA, etc. can be connected. The connection hereby limits itself to an achievable linking. Because 80% of the connection of an E-Depot is implied in generic functionality maintained by the Atlantis E-Depot service, the linking is relatively easy and therefore achievable at low rates.

    With this, an organisation using Atlantis for its collection management and using the E-Depot service of Atlantis, is assured of freedom of choice in the applicable E-Depot, at relatively low costs for realisation of the linking, if it’s not available already.

    The advantages in a row
    The E-Depot service of Atlantis offers organisations:

    • an optimal price/quality ratio in storage of originals and derivatives;
    • TMLO as a metadata model for communication with E-Depot environments, by which the organisation is TMLO ready;
    • freedom of choice for an E-Depot environment;
    • relatively low costs in realising a linking with an E-Depot environment.


    With this Atlantis leads the market and with that offers continuity and future perspective!

    Do you wish to be further informed about how you can also be ready for now and the future? Please contact Herre Jan Veenema via 0031 33 299 2277 or hjveenema@deventit.nl. He will be pleased to inform you about this.

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