30 August 2018

Nijmegen archives on Archives Portal Europe with unique automatic publication of archives overview

After a successful pilot, all archives of the Regional Archive Nijmegen are now accessible on the Archives Portal Europe by a fully automated Open Data link from Atlantis (Collection Management Software). This involves over 1,200 finding aids with more than 300,000 archive material records.

Atlantis is the first archive management system in Europe establishing automatic publication of the archives overview. Wim van Dongen as project manager involved in the work says: “This is unique throughout Europe: no other collection management system has succeeded in the automatic publication of the archives overview so far.”

Archives Portal Europe

The Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archives from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent.

By giving access to archives from all over Europe, the Archives Portal Europe provides the opportunity to detect common relationships while at the same time reflecting the diversity of national and regional developments.


EAD / XML link is phased out

As this pilot was running, the Archive Delft and municipal archive Schiedam also implemented the automatic link from Atlantis. These two archival institutions published their archives for some time already by EAD / XML they produced manually. Atlantis now takes care of creation and maintenance of the archives, to the Archives Portal Europe, fully automated.


Are you interested in registering and publishing your collections with Atlantis? Contact Herre-Jan Veenema, + 316-12279117 for more information or a free demonstration.

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