7 November 2017

New heritage website for the regional archive Heerde, Epe and Hattem

The district archive Heerde, Epe and Hattem manage documents on the history of North-East Veluwe. The renewed heritage website contributes to ease of use for both the local archives and users of the website: www.streekarchiefepe.nl

The website is Responsive. This ensures that the website adapts to the formats of all screens. This is how the website works for all devices like PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

The graphic design has been made by professional designers, the website is well displayed in all current browsers. In addition, the website complies with the government’s web directives.

Management and use
The staff of the regional archive can do a lot of management of the website by their own. The collections of the regional archive are searchable through Atlantis. On the screen of Atlantis, the head and foot rule of the front page remains visible. The content management system of the website is WordPress. This makes it easy to add or modify something on the website. WordPress is user-friendly and can be easily expanded. Suitable for both novice and experienced users.

The staff of the regional archive are very pleased with this new website and how it has been established. “The cooperation with DEVENTit is productive and fun. They’ve listened very well, “says Gerrit Kouwenhove, regional archivist at the Regional Archives Heerde, Epe and Hattem.

“We are very proud of the result,” says Peter van Diermen, CEO of DEVENTit ‘An integration of Atlantis and the regional archive in one heritage website’. By signing up for maintenance on the website , they are guaranteed to receive upgrades for new versions of web browsers. So unexpected costs are excluded.

Are you interested in a new and modern Atlantis Heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.tie.




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