29 August 2018

Belgium Heritage Day 2018: new website launched for Liberaal Archief Gent / Liberas

Liberaal Archief Gent

Saturday, April 21, it was Heritage Day in Flanders (Belgium). This annually recurring cultural event focuses on movable and immaterial cultural heritage. This year the theme was “Choices”, a theme that has shaped dozens of cultural heritage organizations in their own way. Liberaal Archief Gent chose this moment to launch the new website and to announce a change of name to  ‘Liberal Archive / Liberas’.

Liberal Archive / Liberas
Liberal Archive / Liberas is the heritage center for the history of the ideal of freedom in all its facets. The organization was founded in 1982 as a repository for the history of liberalism in Flanders and Belgium. In the meantime, Liberal Archive / Liberas has grown into an archive institution that also focuses on people, think groups, (non-pillar) professional organizations, liberal professions and all kinds of other groups that contribute to and works on the idea of freedom. This expansion in the field also resulted in a double denomination in the naming of the organisation, which was launched together with the new website.

New website
Peter Laroy, director of Liberal Archive / Liberas, explains the renewal of the website: “The foundation of the first website of Liberal Archive / Liberas was in 1999. Over the past 18 years, there were ongoing developments, which indicates the stability of the platform that was chosen at the time. To meet the needs of today’s user it was necessary to renew the website.

For collection management, we have made the choice for Atlantis, the collection management system developed by DEVENTit. The collection of Liberaal Archief / Liberas is now easily searchable by the public. Moreover, the new website offers many opportunities to highlight the extensive public activities that are typical for Liberal Archive / Liberas.”


Liberaal Archief Gent


The choice for Atlantis
Liberal Archive  / Liberas has chosen in 2016 for the introduction of a new collection management system. Jeroen Buysse, responsible for the digitization at Liberal Archive / Liberas and project manager for the implementation of Atlantis and the new website, says: “We were looking for a collection management system that met the needs of our medium-sized archive organization. We wished for a solution meeting the demands of a critical group of users. A new system also shouldn’t have a deterrent effect on employees and should have a low threshold. Atlantis perfectly met these conditions. The fact that Atlantis was used by many institutions like ours in the Netherlands and Flanders, reassured us. We are pleased that during this process we could always depend on DEVENTit’s expertise. Using Atlantis, we now offer the access to over 150,000 collection items, in many cases immediately linked to images. ”

DEVENTit also liked working with Liberal Archive  / Liberas. “Liberal Archive / Liberas was clear in their demands, therefore a suitable solution could be offered rapidly”, says Annette Allaart, project manager at DEVENTit.

Are you interested in a modern Atlantis heritage website and/or collection management system? Contact Herre-Jan Veenema, + 316-12279117 for more information or a free demonstration.


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