Mission & Vision


Our Mission

DEVENTit develops software.

More particularly, we make software which facilitates the gathering, management, making-available and use of information (in all its diversity and in full coherence) by collectors, distributors and users.

The essence of information is that its potential is not bound to any particular time, place or system. With this in mind, we make great efforts to let people and organisations collaborate on information. The information systems which we program on this basis are thus systems which integrate and distribute information, while preserving its identity, integrity and independence.

Our Vision

The internet is today’s primary infrastructure in which producers, collectors, distributors and users can deal with information without restrictions of place and time.

DEVENTit’s vision is to supply solutions which allow the collection, distribution and use of information.

For the collection and logging of data, we provide working processes and descriptive structures specific to individual professional groups, embedded in a generic environment for multimedia information management.

Organisations tend to rely upon more than one system to log and manage their information, so DEVENTit solutions allow information from a range of systems to be consolidated in order to be made available as a greater whole, with the information’s identity, integrity and independence safeguarded.

DEVENTit solutions make information available to web browsers, telephones, tablet devices, applications, portals and social media platforms, via online infrastructures.

Our key consideration in the chain of logging, managing and making available data is that we observe industry standards and global norms.

DEVENTit is service-minded in how it tackles the whole issue of automation and implementation. If you are a main contractor or a project partner, you will find yourself liaising on web design, website construction, systems integration and hosting services either with DEVENTit or with entities related to the customer.

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