24 January 2018

Collection management system and website for archeological discoveries for Raakvlak Brugge

DEVENTit from Bunschoten (Netherlands) implemented a modern collection management system for the Heritage Property Agency of Raakvlak Brugge. Also, a connected website is developed: www.raakvlak.be The collection management system and website can be used for registering, managing and publishing the archeological discoveries to become available to the public.

Raakvlak Brugge
The intermunicipal service Raakvlak Brugge is specialized in archeology, architecture and landscape heritage for Bruges and the Ommeland.

The intermunicipal service not only performs excavations, but is also responsible for advice on construction files and to preserve the archeological heritage. Processing data after excavation and public activities are also part of their tasks.

The core business of Raakvlak is registering and publishing archeological discoveries. To manage all information, Atlantis is chosen. The solution for collection management and portal construction from DEVENTit from Bunschoten (Netherlands).

Archeological discoveries
Excavations are being registered and documented in Atlantis. Geo references of each part are recorded and presented on a map, where applicable. A detailed set of characteristics and a database of reference material is available to classify discoveries, sites and slots.

Public presentation is done through the Atlantis portal. Important discoveries are displayed in a digital cabinet and all discoveries can be found with efficient search functions.

Atlantis heritage website
The Atlantis portal is part of a Atlantis Heritage website. Besides the archeological discoveries it provides information about Raakvlak on this website. This is used to represent Raakvlak and inform the public of important events, news and interesting archeological discoveries.

Uniform design and technology ensure an optimal integration of the heritage website and the portal. It is also ‘responsive’, which means that website and portal can be consulted on a wide range of devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Beautiful result
‘We are very happy with the new website’ says Jan Huyghe, archeologist at Raakvlak Brugge ‘we received a lot of positive reactions after presenting it to the public. It was a big success.’

DEVENTit is also very proud of the result. Developing a solution for archeological collections has fulfilled a long-cherished wish. With this solution other archeological organizations will benefit. According to Peter van Diermen – CEO from DEVENTit – ‘Developers and Raakvlak, interacting together, created a Heritage website which shows Raakvlak’s professionalism.’

Are you interested in a collection management system for archeological discoveries or would you like a modern Atlantis heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.

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