• 5 April 2019

    DEVENTit with Atlantis on the Museum Vakdagen 2019

    The fourth edition of the Museum Vakdagen will be organized on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2019. The Museum Vakdagen focuses on more than 2,000 museums in the Netherlands and Flanders. From the largest professional to the smallest museum. As a supplier and developer of the Atlantis collection management system, DEVENTit will be present at this trade fair.

    About DEVENTit
    For more than 20 years, DEVENTit has provided collection management for various institutions. We do this with the Atlantis collection management system. Atlantis is a fully web-based solution for collection management. Online presentation of collections is a seamless part of the solution with which Atlantis fully integrates within your website or third-party websites. Atlantis Museum is available especially for museums.

    Atlantis Museum
    Every collection is different and unique, just like the people who work with it. Atlantis Museum has been developed with the aim of easily and completely web-based to manage your collections with due observance of international standards (such as spectrum) and workflow processes. Mutual exchange of information is easily and securely arranged.

    Museum Vakdagen 2019
    Do you want to know what we can do for your collections? Visit our stand during the Museum Vakdagen and be informed and inspired about collection registration and online presentation! Then you will receive a pocket-sized Atlantis Powerbank from us. Do you not yet have tickets for the Museum Vakdagen? Request your free admission tickets from us.

    More information?
    Do you want more information about web-based collection management or online presentation of collections based on this message? Feel free to contact us and request a free orientation session or digital information package!

  • 6 March 2019

    iso certified…

    The post is yet to be translated.

  • 9 January 2019

    Personnel reinforcement at DEVENTit

    In the new year are we happy to inform you that our team has a new member! As of January 1st, 2019  Is Laurens van Diermen employed by DEVENTit as Sales Consultant.

    Laurens is 25 years old and has studied Commercial Economy at Windesheim in Zwolle. After his graduation he worked in the automotive for a brand dealer as Sales Counsellor, later he was promoted to team leader. Laurens is, as the son of Peter van Diermen, from his youth on involved with the company DEVENTit.

    The sales team is reinforced with Laurens . Along with Herre-Jan Veenema will maintain relationships and offer organizations solutions through our products and services.
    Laurens can be reached by calling: 06-12542135 or by e-mail:  ldiermen@deventit.nl 

    We wish him every success and a nice time at DEVENTit.

    On behalf of staff and management,
    Peter van Diermen

  • 30 August 2018

    Nijmegen archives on Archives Portal Europe with unique automatic publication of archives overview

    After a successful pilot, all archives of the Regional Archive Nijmegen are now accessible on the Archives Portal Europe by a fully automated Open Data link from Atlantis (Collection Management Software). This involves over 1,200 finding aids with more than 300,000 archive material records.

    Atlantis is the first archive management system in Europe establishing automatic publication of the archives overview. Wim van Dongen as project manager involved in the work says: “This is unique throughout Europe: no other collection management system has succeeded in the automatic publication of the archives overview so far.”

    Archives Portal Europe

    The Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archives from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent.

    By giving access to archives from all over Europe, the Archives Portal Europe provides the opportunity to detect common relationships while at the same time reflecting the diversity of national and regional developments.


    EAD / XML link is phased out

    As this pilot was running, the Archive Delft and municipal archive Schiedam also implemented the automatic link from Atlantis. These two archival institutions published their archives for some time already by EAD / XML they produced manually. Atlantis now takes care of creation and maintenance of the archives, to the Archives Portal Europe, fully automated.


    Are you interested in registering and publishing your collections with Atlantis? Contact Herre-Jan Veenema, + 316-12279117 for more information or a free demonstration.

  • 29 August 2018
    Liberaal Archief Gent

    Belgium Heritage Day 2018: new website launched for Liberaal Archief Gent / Liberas

    Saturday, April 21, it was Heritage Day in Flanders (Belgium). This annually recurring cultural event focuses on movable and immaterial cultural heritage. This year the theme was “Choices”, a theme that has shaped dozens of cultural heritage organizations in their own way. Liberaal Archief Gent chose this moment to launch the new website and to announce a change of name to  ‘Liberal Archive / Liberas’.

    Liberal Archive / Liberas
    Liberal Archive / Liberas is the heritage center for the history of the ideal of freedom in all its facets. The organization was founded in 1982 as a repository for the history of liberalism in Flanders and Belgium. In the meantime, Liberal Archive / Liberas has grown into an archive institution that also focuses on people, think groups, (non-pillar) professional organizations, liberal professions and all kinds of other groups that contribute to and works on the idea of freedom. This expansion in the field also resulted in a double denomination in the naming of the organisation, which was launched together with the new website.

    New website
    Peter Laroy, director of Liberal Archive / Liberas, explains the renewal of the website: “The foundation of the first website of Liberal Archive / Liberas was in 1999. Over the past 18 years, there were ongoing developments, which indicates the stability of the platform that was chosen at the time. To meet the needs of today’s user it was necessary to renew the website.

    For collection management, we have made the choice for Atlantis, the collection management system developed by DEVENTit. The collection of Liberaal Archief / Liberas is now easily searchable by the public. Moreover, the new website offers many opportunities to highlight the extensive public activities that are typical for Liberal Archive / Liberas.”



    The choice for Atlantis
    Liberal Archive  / Liberas has chosen in 2016 for the introduction of a new collection management system. Jeroen Buysse, responsible for the digitization at Liberal Archive / Liberas and project manager for the implementation of Atlantis and the new website, says: “We were looking for a collection management system that met the needs of our medium-sized archive organization. We wished for a solution meeting the demands of a critical group of users. A new system also shouldn’t have a deterrent effect on employees and should have a low threshold. Atlantis perfectly met these conditions. The fact that Atlantis was used by many institutions like ours in the Netherlands and Flanders, reassured us. We are pleased that during this process we could always depend on DEVENTit’s expertise. Using Atlantis, we now offer the access to over 150,000 collection items, in many cases immediately linked to images. ”

    DEVENTit also liked working with Liberal Archive  / Liberas. “Liberal Archive / Liberas was clear in their demands, therefore a suitable solution could be offered rapidly”, says Annette Allaart, project manager at DEVENTit.

    Are you interested in a modern Atlantis heritage website and/or collection management system? Contact Herre-Jan Veenema, + 316-12279117 for more information or a free demonstration.

  • 12 April 2018

    DEVENTit presents Atlantis at the Museum exhibition 2018

    On the 18th and 19th of April, the 3rd edition of Museum Vakdagen is being organized. Museum Vakdagen is targeting 2000 museums in the Netherlands and Vlaanderen and is taking place in Eindhoven (Netherlands). DEVENTit, developer of the collection management system Atlantis will be present with the module Atlantis Museum.

    About DEVENTit
    For more than 20 years DEVENTit is supplier and developer of the collection management system Atlantis. All kind of businesses have chosen Atlantis for their collection management. Especially for museums, DEVENTit developed a module called ‘Atlantis Museum’. The city of Brugge (Belgium) is using Atlantis for their city history and museums of the city use Atlantis Museum as shown on their website: www.erfgoedbrugge.be

    Atlantis Museum
    Every collection in the world is distinct and unique, like the people who are working with it. Atlantis Museum was developed with the aim to manage web-based collections simply and fully, while respecting international standards (including Spectrum) and workflow processes. Exchange of information is easy and secure.

    Besides the module Atlantis Museum, other modules are available for managing image collections, archives, printed sources, library catalogues, handwritten sources, dossiers, archaeological finds and other mixed collections. All modules form an integrated multimedia information system in which the collections can be managed both separate and combined.


    Atlantis Museum and Strongroom E-Depot

    DEVENTit has a partnership with Data Matters and integrates their e-depot Strongroom. At the stand of DEVENTit (number 2.1) they will present their e-depot solution and will explain how the integration of Atlantis and

    Strongroom is the best combination for collection management. For more information, you may contact James Stell. He will be pleased to answer your questions.



    If you want more information concerning our collection management system Atlantis or information for your own museum please contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He is looking forward to answering your questions.

  • 24 January 2018

    Collection management system and website for archeological discoveries for Raakvlak Brugge

    DEVENTit from Bunschoten (Netherlands) implemented a modern collection management system for the Heritage Property Agency of Raakvlak Brugge. Also, a connected website is developed: www.raakvlak.be The collection management system and website can be used for registering, managing and publishing the archeological discoveries to become available to the public.

    Raakvlak Brugge
    The intermunicipal service Raakvlak Brugge is specialized in archeology, architecture and landscape heritage for Bruges and the Ommeland.

    The intermunicipal service not only performs excavations, but is also responsible for advice on construction files and to preserve the archeological heritage. Processing data after excavation and public activities are also part of their tasks.

    The core business of Raakvlak is registering and publishing archeological discoveries. To manage all information, Atlantis is chosen. The solution for collection management and portal construction from DEVENTit from Bunschoten (Netherlands).

    Archeological discoveries
    Excavations are being registered and documented in Atlantis. Geo references of each part are recorded and presented on a map, where applicable. A detailed set of characteristics and a database of reference material is available to classify discoveries, sites and slots.

    Public presentation is done through the Atlantis portal. Important discoveries are displayed in a digital cabinet and all discoveries can be found with efficient search functions.

    Atlantis heritage website
    The Atlantis portal is part of a Atlantis Heritage website. Besides the archeological discoveries it provides information about Raakvlak on this website. This is used to represent Raakvlak and inform the public of important events, news and interesting archeological discoveries.

    Uniform design and technology ensure an optimal integration of the heritage website and the portal. It is also ‘responsive’, which means that website and portal can be consulted on a wide range of devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets.

    Beautiful result
    ‘We are very happy with the new website’ says Jan Huyghe, archeologist at Raakvlak Brugge ‘we received a lot of positive reactions after presenting it to the public. It was a big success.’

    DEVENTit is also very proud of the result. Developing a solution for archeological collections has fulfilled a long-cherished wish. With this solution other archeological organizations will benefit. According to Peter van Diermen – CEO from DEVENTit – ‘Developers and Raakvlak, interacting together, created a Heritage website which shows Raakvlak’s professionalism.’

    Are you interested in a collection management system for archeological discoveries or would you like a modern Atlantis heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.

  • 7 November 2017

    New heritage website for the regional archive Heerde, Epe and Hattem

    The district archive Heerde, Epe and Hattem manage documents on the history of North-East Veluwe. The renewed heritage website contributes to ease of use for both the local archives and users of the website: www.streekarchiefepe.nl

    The website is Responsive. This ensures that the website adapts to the formats of all screens. This is how the website works for all devices like PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

    The graphic design has been made by professional designers, the website is well displayed in all current browsers. In addition, the website complies with the government’s web directives.

    Management and use
    The staff of the regional archive can do a lot of management of the website by their own. The collections of the regional archive are searchable through Atlantis. On the screen of Atlantis, the head and foot rule of the front page remains visible. The content management system of the website is WordPress. This makes it easy to add or modify something on the website. WordPress is user-friendly and can be easily expanded. Suitable for both novice and experienced users.

    The staff of the regional archive are very pleased with this new website and how it has been established. “The cooperation with DEVENTit is productive and fun. They’ve listened very well, “says Gerrit Kouwenhove, regional archivist at the Regional Archives Heerde, Epe and Hattem.

    “We are very proud of the result,” says Peter van Diermen, CEO of DEVENTit ‘An integration of Atlantis and the regional archive in one heritage website’. By signing up for maintenance on the website , they are guaranteed to receive upgrades for new versions of web browsers. So unexpected costs are excluded.

    Are you interested in a new and modern Atlantis Heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.tie.




  • 28 September 2017

    New Heritage Website ‘Memories of Zeist’ online

     ”Memories of Zeist” (Geheugen van Zeist)  is a partnership of 12 heritage partners from Zeist and surrounding areas. Through the www.geheugenvanzeist.nl website, they jointly put a spothlight on the history of Zeist, Austerlitz, Bosch and Duin, Den Dolder and Huis ter Heide.

    The website is produced by DEVENTit, supplier of Atlantis. The website is modern in design, suitable for PC / laptops, tablets and smartphones, provides secure communication and is integrated with an Atlantis Heritage Portal through which the collections are available separately and integrally to public audience.

    “Accessibility and user-friendliness were hard requirements for the new website. DEVENTit already was our partner and therefore a logical choice. Maintenance the archives and website are now in the hands of one Organization which makes it easy and comfortable for our Organization We are very satisfied with the result and combined with the new look, this website will suit us for many years.”, according to Annuska Komen, project manager on behalf of the municipality of Zeist.

    The design was based on the corporate identity of the organization and is applied on the website and the Atlantis Heritage Portal. As a result, the website and heritage portal are perfectly integrated. Visually impaired visitors have been taken into account by using different colors, enlarging fonts and reading features.

    “This environment can definitely be called an Atlantis Heritage Website,” according to Peter van Diermen, CEO of DEVENTit. “The entire layout of the website breaths history. The Atlantis Heritage Portal collects data from Atlantis and other systems. By signing up for maintenance on the website, our client guaranteed to receive upgrades for new versions of CMS and web browsers. By doing so, they are excluded from unexpected charges for upgrades.”

    Are you interested in a new and modern Atlantis Heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.


  • 12 September 2017

    Digipolis selects Atlantis for their archive management

    DEVENTit is going to develop an archive management system for Digipolis. Digipolis is a Flemish association for inter-municipal cooperation for telematic services. The archive management system is being developed for the Gent city archive and other East Flanders municipalities and PCSW’s. This is done through a partnership of Digipolis with piva eGov, the provincial internally independent agency for support of local e-government within East Flanders.

    With this assignment is chosen for Atlantis, DEVENTit’s product for collection management and portal construction. With this fully web-based solution, a platform is being established at which the PCSWs (Public Centers for Social Welfare), municipalities and the Ghent city archive can host, manage and make their archive available to employees and the general public.

    “The Atlantis package has been elected after a broad exploration of available archive management solutions,” said Bart Stichelmans, project manager at Digipolis. “From the offerings, Atlantis, the solution of DEVENTit, proved to be best suited to our needs and requirements with a good price / quality ratio.”

    “We are very pleased with the award of this assignment,” says Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit. “The Atlantis platform to be realized, can be used by more than 60 organizations. We were already expanding in Belgium, and this assignment is a big step forward. ”

    By choosing Atlantis, the Flemish organizations will have a full web-based solution. This can be used in addition to managing and making archives for other collections such as image banks, printed and handwritten sources, audiovisual material, etc. Also, easy entry for organizations of smaller municipalities is provided.

    If you also want a modern and user-friendly solution for your archive and collection management, please contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free demonstration.


  • 8 September 2017

    Information at Sea

    Win a fully-groomed day in historic Spakenburg!

    At the 14th and 15th of September it is time for the 15th edition of the exhibition ‘Information at Sea’ in Oostende (Belgium). We are present as sponsor and standholder. During these days, you are having a chance to win a fully-groomed day in the historic village Spakenburg.

    Why Spakenburg?
    DEVENTit is located in Spakenburg. A village with many traditions and cultural experiences. We would like to let you experience this.

    The harbour

    What are we going to do?
    During this day you will meet Spakenburg at his best. We are going to see an authentic fish auction at the harbour of Spakenburg. We will also sail on an old fishingboat as shown on the picture. And we are also going to visit the museum of Spakenburg where the story of the local traditional costumes is explained

    What should you do to get a chance to win?
    Come and see us at our stand by the exhibition on ‘information at sea’ and leave your details.
    Each day at 15.15 p.m. we will choose 4 winners. We will contact each winner in person.


    We would like to see you at Information at sea!

  • 10 July 2017

    Dutch trade mission Italy 2017

    DEVENTit has been granted the honour to participate in the Dutch trade mission to Italy, being part of the “Cultural Heritage” sector. This trade mission took place together with the state visit of our royal couple.

    The mission visited both Rome and Milan, where leading cultural heritage organisations were attended. Guided tours and presentations were serviced, to provide us of knowledge as to how these Italian organisations deal with digitalisation and making available of their collections.

    In Milaan we also had several matchmaking dialogues, being 1 on 1 conversations with parties esteemed interesting for DEVENTit, or which vice versa are interested in DEVENTit as a lucrative party.

    The matches have been made in advance by the Department of Foreign Affairs, based upon the profiles and targets companies have regarding the Italian market.

    The aim of DEVENTit was to locate suitable partners to represent the package Atlantis on the Italian market, with sales, implementation, training and support.

    By means of these conversations we identified potentially suitable candidates. These contacts will be deepened in the near future.

    In the magnificent Palazo Reale in Milan, a former royal palace, the “Trade Dinner” took place in a very welcoming hall, in the presence of ministers Ploumen and Koenders and the royal couple.

    On the last day of the mission all participants of the trade mission were introduced to the King and Queen. Our royal couple took their time for each entrepreneur to enable him or her to give them a short introduction. The royal couple showed sincere interest and asked questions to learn more.

    We also had the honour to have a short conversation with king Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima, which left us with a deep impression.

    We can look back on a wonderful and useful trade mission. Existing business relations have been deepened and new contacts have been made. All this might result in a start for Atlantis in Italy!

    Italy is one of the countries with the most cultural heritage in the world. Regarding digitalisation, collection management and making available however, it will have to catch up with a backlog; we believe that Atlantis could fulfill an effective role in this.

    Our gratitude goes out to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ambassy in Italy, who made this all possible.

  • 19 June 2017

    DEVENTit participant in the Dutch trade mission to Italy 2017

    DEVENTit will participate in the Dutch trade mission to Italy this week. With Cultural Heritage as one of its main themes, the trade mission will take place at the same time as a state visit of the Dutch King and Queen to Italy.

    “The new version of the Atlantis Collections Management System, which is currently under development, will be ready for the international market soon. This trade mission therefore is an opportune moment to connect to potential partners and organisations associated with Cultural Heritage in Italy.” – DEVENTit’s general director, Peter van Diermen.

    The trade mission will take place in Rome and Milan from the 20th until the 23rd of June. Visits to leading organisations and information sessions about doing business in Italy are part of the programme. The Dutch royal couple will be participating in some of the scheduled events. Meeting the Dutch King and Queen will be the highlight of the trade mission.

    “In preparation for the event, our company website and product folders are made available in English also. Potential partners and customers are being informed about DEVENTit and on our participation in the trade mission. The trade mission will be both practical and pleasurable.”

  • 13 June 2017

    ASR chooses Atlantis for their collection management

    Insurer ASR has chosen Atlantis for the management of their collections of art and historical property. Atlantis is the solution for collection management and portal construction, of DEVENTit from Bunschoten in The Netherlands. In addition to the management, Atlantis will make the collections available to the organization and to the public.

    “For the replacement of AdLib, we have chosen Atlantis because of its user-friendly management environment, the accessibility of the environment from the public side and because Atlantis is a modern environment with options and techniques that match current times.” Said Sigrid Vegter, curator art and historical property of ASR.

    “We are very pleased with this choice of ASR for Atlantis,” says Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit. “ASR fits well with large companies like Shell, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Aegon, etc., who are getting more and more at Atlantis for their archive and collection management.”

    For total detention, the Atlantis area is also hosted by DEVENTit.

    If you also want a modern and user-friendly solution for your archive and collection management, please contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free demonstration.


  • 23 May 2017

    Secure access to your Atlantis environments

    Security of websites and web applications are becoming increasingly important. Daily can be read about data crashes, hacks or other burglaries via the Internet. For a secure environment, firewalls, strong passwords and a secure connection between the web access and visitors are required.

    For this latter, Atlantis has an SSL option available. This enables your Atlantis management, public and portal environments to communicate with your visitors safely. The URLs to your Atlantis environments then go from http: // to https: //.

    In addition to secure communication with your visitors, SSL access has an additional benefit. Search engines like Google are going to better assess more and more web environments with SSL access. This counts more heavily in the ranking of search results. Also, browsers increasingly indicate whether access to a web site is safe or unsafe.

    The Dutch government notes the importance of secure web access as a priority. By the end of 2017, all Dutch government sites should submit this obligation.

    In short, let your Atlantis environments provide secure web access for your visitors and employees. Contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free quote.

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